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Skipper training where?

Croatia, Caribbean, Seychelles, Cape Verde

Yachts for training

Monohull yachts and catamarans

Skipper training - yacht charter - storm training. Some of the best sailing vacation spots in the world!
Croatia - Caribbean - Seychelles - Cape Verde.

That is why we have been offering skipper training and yacht charters in these regions for many years. We would be happy if you want to implement these interesting training weeks with us.

Individuals / couples / groups / experienced sailors and skippers are very welcome at our skipper training.

We offer over 200 monohull sailing yachts and around 100 catamarans for charter.

These great yachts can be chartered from us - with or without a skipper.

Starting points include

Croatia - Caribbean - Seychelles - Cape Verde .

Benefit from our experience in yacht charter for over 25 years.

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